Wednesday, March 24, 2010

MicroLink is looking for training and consulting partners focusing on service industry!

MicroLink's promoter index service has met quite significant success this year in Estonia! All the major banks, retailers, insurance companies, caffees and many, many other companies are using our service.

Now we are looking for a possibility to expand to foreign markets and bring the easy, useful and smart approach to developing a good service to other countries. For that we have developed a following partnermodel:
- MicroLink provides the technology, IT service and helps to do marketing activities.
- Partner, preferrably a trainer or management consultant, talks to customers, helps to promote the idea.
The revenue is shared:
- Partner gets the fee for training and consulting.
- MicroLink gets the 30 eurocents for each response the customer gets.
This model is most certainly negotiable and we are really flexible in developing it!

If you would be interested in becoming our partner then let me know! If you are a trainer or a consultant and your customers have cut their training budgets then this is one way to offer them something new and really useful. We also have a number of international customers who might become your sales-leads.

The promoter index service interface is currently in English, Russian and Estonian. Feedback however can be asked also in Finnish, Latvian and Lithuanian.

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Ashish Shandilya said...

Thanks for sharing this useful info. Keep updating same way.
Regards,Ashish Training and consulting