Thursday, August 7, 2008

Good e-business ideas come from....

.... experienced people between 25-50 years old who have good work experience in almost any economic field. They usually know best what are the biggest problems in their field of work and know how and with whom to solve them. I don'd believe strongly in students having good SaaS or other e-business ideas. Students do have a lot of good ideas about entertainment on the internet and ideas on how people could spend even more time online doing not really very practical things (like blogging he-hee or) gaming.

Some examples about ideas that have come to our incubator:
- The construction industry needs good project bank/project management e-service integrated with printing facilities for printing diagrams for the men-at-work.
- The travelling industry needs a central information database/e-service for the travel packages that the resellers could sell directly from their website without any human interaction.
- The farmers need social networking and an advise portal about fertilizers, techniques and machinery.
- ....

People like this also have contacts in the industry for possible first customers or suppliers. They lack the experience of creating an e-service, internet marketing, sales, software development, server administration. These all MicroLink's incubator can provide so if you know that in your field of work there is something that can be done with IT - let us know. We could make good co-operation.

P.S. If your company is ordering software development and it is very expensive, but could be useful for other companies working in the same field then maybe it would be wise to make the software as a service - use it yourself, but let others use it also for a small fee. :-) (That is what we are doing with SLA calculator.)

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