Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who helps you get your startup started in Estonia.

So you have an idea and want to start your own business - an internet or a tech startup. If you want to do it in Estonia or nearby you can use the following help and contacts.

1. If you just have an idea you can participate in the "Ajujaht" competition. This is a yearly competition with serious prise money (1 MEEK fund in 2008) and really experienced judges and mentors. You can get the first advise on your idea and if you get to the finalists this proves that your idea is worth something.

2. The post-competition training programs and contact events of Ajujaht help you develop your business and idea further.

3. After that you can go to the Tallinn business incubator or Tehnopol. There you get also startup mentoring, contacts and affordable office space. They also have useful training programs. With their help you can also get the Tallinn municipalitis starting business support (100 000 EEK) or (50 000 outside Tallinn).

4. At any stage you can contact MicroLink incubator. We support startups with the technical solution (the web application, server hosting etc.) We charge for it, as our employees want their salary, but for startups we have a really special pricing! Starting from 10 euros/month for the first 6 months. Read more on our website:

5. Contact "Connect Estonia". They can help you with a springboard event. They have a network of specialists and investors. Good ideas do get advise and investment with their help!

6. Take a day or two and go through all the support programs of EAS. Visit their office and with the help of their consultants find a support program for your technical development or export support.

7. You also need internet marketing! Contact Altex, Dreamgrow or Peep Laja for that.

8. Cheap hardware and freeware system software you can get from Sun Startup Essentials program with our help.

Come to Open Coffee! The startups, their supporters and just interesting people gather on every first Thursday of the month at Mercado. Just show up, no fee, no registration. Sit to our table and tell us what your idea is about. Follow information on Facebook.

Communication. List your startup on ArcticIndex. Contact me or Arctic or to write about your startup. Create a blog and a Twitter account.


Priit Kallas said...

Thank you for mentioning our company. I really appreciate that!

Märt Ridala said...

You are welcome Priit! :-) Hopefully this post helps our startups and builds contacts between them, marketing and other support.