Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Estonian ICT Demo Center opens tomorrow

Tomorrow is going to be the official opening of the Estonian ICT Demo Center. (Sorry about the mess-up of names. The official name is "Estonian ICT Demo Center". Here is the list of VIP-s coming to the opening. Really impressive! :-)

- Toomas Hendrik Ilves, President of Estonia
- Valdo Kalm, CEO of Estonian Telecom
- Jan Muehlfeit, Microsoft, Head of European operations
- Christopher Des Forges, Sun Microsystems, Head of Nordic region
- Mika Sarhimaa, Manager of HP Finland and Baltics.

The speakers will be:
- Enn Saar, MicroLink's CEO
- Mika Sarhimaa
- Jan Muehlfeit
- Tiit Riisalo, Deputy comissioner of the Estonian presentation in EXPO 2010 Shanghai.

The demo center is organized by:
- MicroLink
- Elion
- Microsoft
- Santa Monica Networks
- Datel
- Ülemiste City.

If you are interested in visiting the demo center then let us know! :-) All the participants can bring visitors to the demo center and we are glad to be your hosts.

The project team has made a great job! :-) As most of the participants brought their demo equipment on the previous and last week ... you can imagine how hectic the project has been.

If everything goes fine we gonna have a guide from Holland working there in a few weeks. :-)

Today the Demo Center got a web page! Here it is:

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