Sunday, September 12, 2010

Server virtualization in MicroLink

Last week I did a presentation on a Microsoft, HP and Intel seminar about how server virtualization is done in MicroLink. I had the honour of presenting the practical experience of virtualization. For me it was a good opportunity to talk to our specialists and compose a few statements about virtualization in practice. So here is our experience:
- Virtualization is good, the technology is working OK.

- The only reason not to use virtualization is licensing. Disk I/O is no longer an issue, but licensing is. For example you cannot use Oracle CPU licenses (too expensive) or Microsoft OLP licenses in a shared virtualization platform.

- As with all Enterprise IT system there are a number of technical nuances when using a "private cloud" solution. Some drivers might not work with virtualization etc. It is better not to discover all these problems yourself but to use the experience of people who have done it before. This way you can save a lot of time and many downtimes.

- Amazon should lower their data transfer rates, otherwise they will not be cheaper than IT hosters virtualization platforms, like for example our MicroLink-s V-Server.

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