Monday, September 29, 2008

Open innovation: It is good to have those startup guys in your office

I continue the open innovation theme that the poll on the right side of this page is about. In case you have not voted, please do!

For a week now we have had one startup working in our office. And I must say the fresh spirit that the startup people bring to the company is something remarkable!

Here is a list of positive thoughts the startup people have and bring to the company:
"Me, you and everybody talks to customers. When the situation needs even the programmer can sell!"
"The new technologies and Web 2.0 things. We better test and use them! Now!"
"The useless thing, server or software we bought is a serious problem - my problem. We better use it or sell it!"
"We better not waste our time on useless procedures, papers, bureaucraucy"
"I am entitled for a new laptop, mobile or payrise when we have good net profit."

This all is due to the fact that in a startup business "company's success" equals "employee's success". In a bigger company the connection is almost missing and I am almost sure that it is not possible to have a straightforward connection. The limit when the connection fades out is about 30-50 employees. For bigger companies some people just don't "self-motivate" so easily.

So the point of open innovation is to use the "high pressured steam" in the startup people and turn it into successful products.

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