Thursday, September 25, 2008

Startup ideas - waste of time?

I am from the "serious IT business" background and I after following the internet startup field for some time have started to wonder - why is all the attention in the startup field going to fancy, but mostly useless solutions. Micro-blogging, social networks, mashup chat and widget applications. They don't really create value and revenue in the traditional corporative sense. They make their customer's spend even more time online, with yet another widget to play with or even worse - they are a platform for creating widgets that make the people waste more time online. They don't make our offline life easier, rather they add a problem as now it is also necessary to have an online life and social networks to deal with. Why doesn't the Y Combinator, TechCrunch and Seedcamp have startups who do "serious IT business" - like for example an ERP or ITIL software or a new cost-saving IT solution for the logistics, telecom, manufacturing etc. businesses.

The vision and mission of MicroLink is "We create time and make life easier". I really like our new vision. :-)

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