Thursday, October 9, 2008

Corporate blogging

Peep Laja writes in his blog about Estonian corporate blogging. It seems there is only little corporate blogging going on in Estonia (unfortunately).

So is corporate blogging necessary and useful? I don't want to go into the theme of blogging as a marketing tool. There are numerous articles about that. Instead I want to emphasize one point - Blog is a great way to communicate with your collegues. In MicroLink, where we have about 300 employees, this blog, my blog in estonian and the Incubator Twitter have become an important way of internal communication. People read about the startup world, about the events (OpenCoffee) etc, about the new incubator ideas on the public blogs.

So if we develop this idea further ..... is there a reason why a corporation should not make all its internal news public? Why not replace the internal newsletters with department head's blogs? I admit, this would be a bold move for any company! "Come on! Our competitors and the customers would then know what is really going on....", I hear you think. :-) Well, probably they know it anyway, especially the competitors.

The benefits would be remarkable:
- The department heads would not have to write the news twice: for the co-workers and for the customer magazine.
- The company would become transparent and the customers would trust you more.
- Your website would become much more dynamic, interesting and.... get a better Google rank as the content is dynamic.
- The expertise your specialists and department heads have would make a really good image!
- Your blogging co-workers would become smarter. :-) As every blogger knows writing interesting articles means you must read industry news, other blogs and think. They also get to practice writing and English. (Like me!)

Hmmm... I guess I have to talk to our marketing about this idea. :-)

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