Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How to keep your job (and become rich) in tough times

This is a post for the tough economic times we are currently having. (Disclaimer: This post does not mean that we are having plans of layoffs in MicroLink. :-))

My advice for keeping your work is actually quite simple and works for any time, any company, any institution. If you live by this advice you will not only avoid the layoffs but you will be successful in good times.

The things you should do:
- Make yourself useful. Help other people and work a lot. Don't drink that 5th coffee, don't spend your time reading newspapers. Be helpful, do the work that you are supposed to do and help others doing their job.
- Be smart. Think if the thing you are currently doing is worthwile. Do things that help your customers, that help your sales, that help your company. Don't spend your time on creating useless reports for example. Or worse don't block initiatives that might help your sales or reduce costs.
- Tell others about the things you have done and the work that you have accomplished. But be honest with that. :-)
- Think moneywise. If you are serving only one customer who pays your company half the money the company pays you or you are salesman with bigger salary than the revenue from your deals.... that should be a danger sign.
- The reason for layoffs is usually money. So know how your company, your business-line, your team, your services are earning. Think what is your role in this situation. Are you a Cost or are you the most important Revenue generator.
- Develop yourself. Learn, try new things and read books.
- Last but not least. Be friendly and helpful with your co-workers. Be a good person. :-) Othervise you might be fired even with 90% Net Profit margin.

Sometimes it seems your managers don't notice your efforts, but they do! And this becomes really, really important for you when your manager is given an order to lay off 10% of his/her people.

Sometimes it is impossible to avoid being laid off. When the whole company goes bankrupt for example, but your image of being a hardworking, smart and helpful is the best currency you have when you go to look for a new job. The companies do communicate with each other when choosing new employees. :-)

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