Monday, October 13, 2008

Socialnetwork events

Bizi, an Estonian micro-blogging social network, held a small experiment today. The idea was that everybody using Bizi would post a micro-blog when he made or received a phone-call. More about it here(in Estonian): Unfortunately, the event got only a few responses. But Valentin, don't get your spirit down over this. :-)

I think that social-network events that are organized by the socialnetwork itself are a rising trend and an interesting one. Another example of such an event on a much bigger scale is the US Presidential Election Campaign on Twitter: Such events are good for the socialnetwork - another reason for users to use them. They are interesting for the users.

Here are some of ideas. Bizi, Keskus, Facebook go ahead and use them:
- Turn off the power event on one evening for 5 minutes and see how much you can save.
- Talk to the political parties and have the election campaigns held on your network. Why not have each party or idea have its friends/followers on your network.
- The next trash pick-up TeemeÄra campaign.

I think and hope that the next election campaigns will be more and more web based and therefore more and more interactive. The ultimate goal would be that each parliament member would have its own followers on Twitter and readers on Blog whose opinions the MP would listen. :-)

(I suggested this idea to the Green party and they said that they would consider it.)

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