Monday, October 27, 2008

Sun Essentials

I like Sun Microsystems! They have been MicroLink's partner for over 15 years now. (We have been selling, using and maintaining their servers in Estonia.)
Sun promotes green ideas, open-source and other good things. And although their competitors - HP, IBM, MS?, Dell, Intel - all have their "positive image programs", Sun's seem to be the most honest one's.

And vau! For some time now they have been running an open-innovation/startup support program! Sun StartupEssentials. When we started the startup program in MicroLink we didn't know this, but now we might do some co-operation here.

One thing though. Sun Startup Essential program is very technology focused. It involves servers, storage, database software and technological expertise. But that is something the startup's need in a later stage. In the beginning they usually need business advice, software development, somebody who helps with the government grants, marketing, sales.

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