Saturday, July 5, 2008

Estonia and Finland

We visited recently Finland (my parents live there) and here is my totally subjective opinion about things that are better in Finland compared to Estonia:
- The roads, especially bike roads. A really drastic example was the Vuosaari port where the port is just being built but already there are fresh-new bicycle roads coming there.
- Things, traffic for example, are much more organized and therefore there is much less stress and pointless fights. Such a thing: would never happen in Finland
- Public transport.
- Some things like clothes, sports equipment are cheaper. H and M, Ikea.
- Buildings are built and things are done with better quality, but they are also done slower and cost more.

and here things that are better in Estonia
- Taxes. In Finland you even have to pay taxes if you
- Cities in Finland, especially Pääkaupunkinseutu, are unnecessarily big geographically. There are lots of unused wild areas between parts of towns and you have to drive a lot. Estonian towns often have non-car walking area centers (like the Tallinn and Tartu old towns). This is something that I miss in Helsinki.
- Pretty women. :-)
So my conclusion: More taxes mean usually better public services and therefore better life, but the taxes are annoying. :-) Both Estonia and Finland are nice places to visit and both have interesting things to see and experience.

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Mikko said...

Well I think Finland was at an advantage considering it was not behind the iron curtain as was Estonia so its infrastructure wasn't soviet-grown as was Estonia's. But yes, Finland is an amazing country, and has many advantages.