Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Remark: The statue of freedom

So here is the new look of the freedom square in the middle of Tallinn with the Statue shining over the square. I used to be against the Statue, but travelling through many countries this summer made me change my mind. So now I have a positive plan! We should have a statue with the following enhancements:

- As every tourist attraction The Freedom Statue should also have a tower where tourist can climb up to (and we could charge 5 euros from each climber).

- To symbolize Estonian freedom inside the EU we should put Manneken Pis standing on it. A Manneken can be purchased in Brussels for 70 euros.

- To satisfy the Centrist Party we should also have a Tauno Kangro's Kalevipoeg next to the statue. Perhaps instead of holding a boat he could be in some sort of composition with the statue and the Manneken.
But seriously! I think that such a combination would symbolize the true freedom of our nation. The ability not to take everything and yourself too seriously, not to be so serious about history and to make a joke and to laugh are true signs of freedom.
Besides it would make a much better tourist attraction. Everybody remembers Manneken Pis from Brüssels and nobody remembers the obelisks symbolizing the victory in the Second World War in Minsk.

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