Wednesday, July 2, 2008

I predict: By 2013 over 50% of Estonian electricty will be produced from wind and wood (80% probability)

A Gartner like prediction. :-)

We have a big debate in Estonia going on about possible ways of producing electricity ( Some are for nuclear (our own or Ignalina 2 station), some for lime stone. Everybody is for multiple energy sources.

My guess is, that "by accident" we will go to wind and alternative energy sources. "By accident" I mean that this is not going to be a fully debated and analyzed decision made by the Ministry of Economics or Eesti Energia. It will just happen because other methods will require a big decision, which will not be taken. On the other hand the wind-mill projects are going ahead full speed. Soon there will be so powerful businessman (for example U. Sõõrumaa) and so much money involved that the subsidies to alternative energy cannot be turned off. Also there will "just happen" a necessity to build gas and lime stone gas power stations for unwindy periods and they will be built. Like the project that was started today

And this is going to be good! We gonna sell a lot of wind-electricity to Latvia, Finland and Lithuania. Making money out of wind cannot be bad business. :-) So dear politicians delay the decisions and this time we will make a good decision by accident. BLRT and Volta and others please start building wind turbines. You cannot lose!

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