Thursday, July 3, 2008

Estonia with Russia

Lately there has been a lot of political fuss going on between Estonia and Russia. The border agreement and president Ilves leaving the presentation in Hantõ-Mantsiisk where Russian head of Duma insulted Estonia.

Why are we arguing over such a nonsense?

Russia is the biggest state in the world, there are 150 million inhabitants in Russia. Why has it made such a thing about Estonia? There are less inhabitants in Estonia than in a mediocre suburb of Moscow? Why does Russia boder? In my mind, for Russia Estonia is less news than Pavlichenko playing a bad game on the Euro2008.

And also - the world is in a big energy crisis, food crisis, economic crisis and the Global Warming (if unstopped) will raise the sealevel so that half of Estonia and Russia will be under water. The Peipsi Lake will be soon uninhabitable by fish and the Baltic Sea is poisoned by Blue-Green Algae almost every summer..... and yet both of our nationalists are arguing about what happened 50 years ago.... who cares?! What if we would forgot the past and concentrate to the future? Both Russia and Estonia! We have both had wars with tens of nations in the past, yet we have managed to forgot them. Estonia is not having an argument with the Germans allthough they slaved us for hundreds of years and Russia is not arguing with the Mongols allthough they were under the reign Tsingis-Khan and his relatives for some hundreds of years.

So my point is....

Sometimes (well almost all the time) it is good not to talk (not forget just not to talk!) about the past but concentrate on the common problems and the future. Lets always put things into perspective! At the moment for humanity Global Warming is so big an issue that any local political fuss is just nonsense.

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